Meet Liz Flores Farrell

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February 29, 2024

Liz Flores Farrell    

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW  

Journey Clinical Member and KAP Provider   

State: New Jersey  

Where are you and where do you practice?

I have a private practice (Mind Body Spirit Psychotherapy) in Montclair, New Jersey. 

How long have you been practicing KAP?

I have been with Journey Clinical since June 2021. My relationship with Ketamine dates back to about 25 years ago. It has been a redemptive experience to be able to utilize the medicine therapeutically.

What orientations or areas of expertise have you found synergistic with KAP?

I have a background in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. My approach has evolved over the years as holistic and integrative. I incorporate Attachment Theory and focus on Intergenerational and Relational Trauma. I do a lot of work with first-gen Latinx individuals around Intergenerational Trauma.

As a former yoga teacher (currently in hiatus), I gravitate towards somatic aspects of trauma resolution. In preparation sessions, I am doing a lot of education on Polyvagal Theory, increasing bodily awareness, and how to track sensations in the body. I have found yogic breathwork, light movement, and visualization meditation complementary to KAP for both preparation and integration sessions. I also utilize EFT tapping, essential oils, and I might even incorporate Heart Math (a biofeedback device that trains you to sustain positive emotions and heart coherence states). The extra emphasis on grounding has been very helpful to my clients.

How do you hope to evolve or grow your PAP practice over the next few years?

In my own personal Ketamine treatment, I have worked towards reconciling with my own Intergenerational Trauma as the wounds of colonialism are very present in my family dynamics. The symbolism from my sessions led me to uncover my grandmother’s Lenca lineage. Although I am still in the process of integrating this experience and what it means for me, it has informed my approach to KAP. I am hoping to expand on my work with Intergenerational Trauma and Ancestral Healing with KAP, and hopefully help other individuals seeking to work ancestrally.

What would you tell a therapist assisting their first KAP client?

Holding space for my clients through non-ordinary states of consciousness has been a true privilege. Take it slow, embrace your curiosity, and enjoy the unfolding.

What is your professional background?

As a social worker, I have experience at the multiple levels of care of the mental health system (Case Management, Mobile Crisis, Crisis Counseling, etc). I was burnt out from 10 years at mental health agencies and acute settings, and I was feeling stuck in dysfunctional systems that did not feel empowering to the client or the clinician. With that in mind, I started my own private practice focused on trauma resolution. My emphasis is relational, somatic, ancestral, and psychospiritual.

Why did you choose to be a KAP practitioner?

I felt called to become a KAP practitioner due to my own personal experience with the healing aspects of non-ordinary states of consciousness. I was previously invested incorporating alternative methods of healing, and offering KAP has been a natural progression to my holistic practice. 

Why is your favorite part of Journey Clinical?

I have felt supported every step of the way and being part of a larger community has contributed to my growth as a KAP practitioner. I had previously struggled to connect with a psychedelically-informed prescriber that understood how to work non-ordinary states of consciousness. At Journey Clinical, I feel secure that my clients are receiving quality treatment.

About Liz

Liz Flores Farrell’s practice focuses on a mind/body/spirit integration, relying on techniques such as Holistic Psychotherapy, Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga techniques, Somatic techniques, and Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. In addition to working on Trauma and Psychospiritual issues, Liz is a native Spanish-speaker and has experience in working with cultural issues related to the Hispanic experience, particularly Intergenerational Trauma experienced by first generation Latinx individuals. You can connect with her via her Psychology Today profile and website.