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We empower psychotherapists to provide effective, and transformative ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) to their patients

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For psychotherapists:

Join Journey Clinical to get access to our ketamine prescription services for your eligible patients

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The medical decision to provide the patient a prescription of ketamine relies solely on the prescriber after a full medical consultation.

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24/7 access to Journey Clinical's medical team

KAP online education designed by Fluence & peer consultation groups

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For patients:

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? 
Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can help


"I just did my first KAP session, It was so beautiful and inspiring! I really felt the positive effect on the patient-therapist relationship. WOW. Until now I had struggled to find a prescriber to add KAP to my practice. Journey Clinical is to the psychotherapist as Ketamine is to psychotherapy"
Beth, Licensed Psychologist (Psy.D.), NJ
"Working with Journey Clinical has allowed me to do deeper work with more challenging patients. My patients feel safer to explore feelings and experiences that they were actively resisting in therapy. I also appreciate the fact that there's very little difficulty in moving from an introductory conversation with a patient, to facilitating a meeting with a prescriber, to having a KAP session in my office. It's easy to use, which is especially important for patients who are struggling in typical therapy."
"Working with Journey Clinical allows me to take advantage of a powerful therapeutic tool. During these unique sessions, my clients enter parts of their mind that are often difficult to access in traditional therapy sessions, and the work we've done can permeate in a more enduring way. Afterwards, the boost that ketamine provides can be a catalyst for actions that deepen the integration process."
Rebecca, LCSW, NY

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Co-founder & COO

Kyle Lapidus M.D., PhD

Medical Director

Brigitte Gordon

Lead Prescriber

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Amanda Feilding

Strategic Advisor

Ingmar Gorman, PhD

Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Matthew Baggott, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Brian Dalessandro

Scientific Advisor


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