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Starting a KAP Practice: Best Practices from Journey Clinical Webinar

Starting a KAP Practice: Best Practices from Journey Clinical Webinar Advertisement
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On November 7 Journey Clinical Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Sabbagh presented to the Psychedelics Today community on how Journey Clinical enables licensed psychotherapists to deliver PAP in their own practice, starting with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, explaining the Journey Clinical collaborative care model and technology platform.

We encourage anyone considering joining our efforts to empower licensed mental health professionals to deliver psychedelic therapies in their practice to watch the webinar replay.

Here are the top 5 Takeaways for getting started with KAP:

  1. Mindset is key: As a licensed mental health professional, you are qualified to deliver high-quality psychotherapy in the context of KAP safely and responsibly. Believe in yourself and get started!
  2. Learn in community: Surround yourself with peers who are also doing KAP and can support you. By being in community, meeting with your peers, and attending social and educational events such as those hosted by the Journey Clinical community, you can continue learning, growing, and feel supported in your practice.
  3. Consider your fee structure: You can choose how to set your hourly rate or offer a sliding scale based on many factors including your location, licensure, and which modalities you’d like to offer, such as in-person, group KAP, or retreats. You know your community best in terms of how to effectively expand accessibility.
  4. Share with your network: We encourage KAP providers to communicate their offering to their existing client base as well as to prospective clients via their website and other public profiles to help continue to educate prospective clients and peers about the benefits of KAP.
  5. Learn by doing:  Ultimately, the best way to become a confident KAP provider is to do KAP.  Venturing into new territory within their therapy practice can be daunting, but we are confident that your education and experience prepare you for supporting your clients.

For more info about how we approach KAP at Journey Clinical, check out our blog post on doing KAP with Journey Clinical: 

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