Member Feature December 1, 2022

Meet Ka Creatrix

Ka Creatrix, LMFT KAP Provider
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Ka Creatrix 

LMFT, Clinical and Holistic Psychotherapist

Journey Clinical Member and KAP Provider 

State: California

What is your professional background?

I have been blessed with an eclectic professional background that includes fine art studies, a decade in the restaurant industry, working as a teacher for youth and families with disabilities and trauma, social media marketing Team Angel for a spiritual teacher Kaia Ra, and Reiki/Channel practitioner.  Trauma has been a study of mine for over twenty years, as well as psychology and the mystical arts.  Additionally, I have voluteered with a lot of Grass Roots Earth based organizations for the love and adventure.

Why did you choose to be a KAP practitioner?

It pretty much chose me along my path. My passion and deep healing with Ayahuasca led me in a kizmet way to a ketamine clinic where I then became very inspired at the level of healing I consistently witnessed with people that were in very stuck places of suffering. Anything that is in the business of widening perspective interests me. KAP sessions are an approachable way into healing with altered states. I love the real deal results I get to see.

Why is your favorite part of Journey Clinical?

I am loving the network here, the simplicity and accessible process, as well as all the resources offered.  It gives me the chance to have my autonomous offers, like a ketamine day retreat I am launching, available with ease and to be able to professionally stay in the psychedelic medicine revolution where I can merge my gifts in the here and now (versus the anticipated legalization of other medicines). Journey Clinical is contributing to a massive healing opportunity and they are affordable!

About Ka

Erika (Ka) pulls from many different therapeutic modalities, as she learns what is best for her clients in overcoming mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, and complex trauma. She is passionate about bringing in mindfulness, CBT,  somatic practices, and empowerment healing to the therapy experience. You can connect with her via her Psychedelic Support profile and website.