Events March 29, 2023

Horizons: Perspectives in Psychedelics Conference 2022 Recap

Co-Founders Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes present on stage at Horizons, in front of a screen and behind a podium with the Horizons logo.
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A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of being a part of the fifteenth annual Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference in NYC, the longest-running industry conference in psychedelics in the USA. As sponsors and presenters this year, we had the opportunity to take part in timely and important dialogue and to learn firsthand from the most renowned and passionate researchers, community leaders, founders and investors in psychedelics.

Presenting at The Psychedelic Business Forum

Journey Clinical’s co-founders Jonathan Sabbagh and Myriam Barthes took the Horizons stage on Day 1, The Psychedelics Business Forum, to share our unique business model and advocate for values-centered approaches to business in the psychedelics space. 

This opportunity to speak as a leading voice in the psychedelics industry came as a deep honor to our Co-Founder Jonathan, who shared that this had been a dream of his since he was a student. 

Not that long ago I was a student in clinical psychology sitting right where you are, and one of my dreams was to build a business that could impact this space at scale, and I also had the dream of speaking at Horizons and so today I get to fulfill both of those dreams thanks to you so much gratitude for that”.

— Jonathan Sabbagh, Journey Clinical Co-Founder and CEO

In their presentation, Jonathan and Myriam walked the audience through the barriers preventing therapists from delivering KAP and how our model serves as the necessary infrastructure to expand access to psychedelic assisted therapies at scale. 

Jonathan presented the evidence for why we believe the therapeutic alliance between a trained, licensed psychotherapist and their client is foundational for the safe, effective delivery of psychedelic therapies such as Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), while Myriam elaborated on our collaborative care model that empowers therapists to serve their own local communities in order to provide patients access to personalized care based on things like identity, culture, and socioeconomic background.

You can watch a clip of the presentation on Journey Clinical’s Instagram here and check out some highlights below:

“Leaders in the space like MAPS and Compass have recognized that the therapeutic alliance is an integral part of supporting long-term behavioral changes in patients.”

— Jonathan Sabbagh, Co-Founder & CEO

“If you are somebody who is already in therapy, you continue your relationship with your therapist. If you’re looking for a provider…you can find a local provider, people who are already embedded in your local community, and you can access affordable care in a way that works for you.”

— Myriam Barthes, Co-Founder & COO

Connecting with Conference Attendees, Peers, and Members

As part of our sponsorship of the conference, the Journey Clinical team had a table alongside some incredible organizations, such as our friends from MAPS and Chacruna. We spoke to hundreds of researchers, clinicians, therapists, and curious conference attendees about our model and proudly shared that we had officially reached over 500 member therapists practicing KAP around the country, a landmark towards our goal of expanding access to KAP treatment for those suffering from mental illness.

It was an honor to collaborate with our passionate investors, Palo Santo and Lionheart Ventures and take the chance to celebrate the company’s growth with the key stakeholders who’ve made this expansion possible.

Celebrating Our Growing Team, Loyal Investors, and Members!

Between sponsoring, speaking, and connecting with thought leaders, peers, friends, and aspiring entrepreneurs, the most special part of the conference for us was getting to connect with our members at the conference itself as well as our after-party. Thank you to all who helped us showcase the important work our practitioners are doing in their local communities across the country and for celebrating with us!