Announcements March 2, 2024

Celebrating 1000 Journey Clinical KAP Providers

Celebrating 1000 Journey Clinical KAP Providers
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Since our founding in February 2021, we have been on a mission to transform the mental health crisis by empowering licensed psychotherapists to deliver evidence-based psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy safely and effectively. We believe that the most effective way to expand access to psychedelic treatments and create lasting behavioral change is through collaborative, fully-connected care in which licensed mental health professionals are empowered to deliver these treatments in their own practices and communities.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have reached a major milestone in our growth as a community: Journey Clinical has reached 1,000+ member psychotherapists delivering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy to over 2,500 patients across the US. Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Sabbagh shares:

Community is at the core of Journey Clinical: since opening our membership in February 2022, we have been building our platform in close collaboration with our members, who have been doing this crucial work on the ground in their practices, supporting each other along the way through peer consultation groups, mentorship, webinars, meetups, retreats and so much more. As our Clinical Advisor Lauren Taus shares, “I’m a big advocate of community in this work, and Journey Clinical provides the opportunity of being in contact with other providers and therapists. I constantly preach not to do this work alone.” One of our California-based members Orlando Zuniga, LMFT, who hosts a peer consultation group and webinar series for fellow members shares that “Journey Clinical is a community and collaborative effort. We all come with our own journeys and experiences and I’m learning as much from my peer therapists as they’re learning from me.” 

Today, Journey Clinical members:

  • Have delivered over 6,500 KAP sessions to over 2,500 patients across the US
  • Span 8 states (California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio) and growing!
  • Are licensed mental health professionals. The most common licenses held by our members include LCSW, PsyD, LMFT, and LPC.
  • Are both solo practitioners and members of group practices. 27% of Journey Clinical members belong to a group practice.
  • Offer diverse therapeutic approaches and areas of expertise. They deliver KAP as an adjunct to therapy, in many cases combining KAP treatment with other therapeutic techniques or areas of specialty to craft unique offerings within their practices, including mindfulness techniques, EMDR, IFS, Somatic work, and more.

As our community grows, our impact strengthens: an expanded network of Journey Clinical members means that more patients have the ability to experience the transformative benefits of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in a safe environment with a therapist they trust. Julia Pinsky, LMFT shares that, “The clients that I’ve worked with have seen robust change in their lives and KAP has been a helpful partner in our therapy.” Member Lorna Busch, PhD, MEd, MS, adds, “Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy gets to the root of mental health issues rather than merely providing tools to manage symptoms”. 

Our growing membership also means that as more psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy modalities become available in the coming years, there will be a confident, compassionate community of Journey Clinical members around the country ready to deliver these treatments in their communities.

We want to thank our amazing members for trusting us to be their partners on their psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy journey, and to our broader community of advisors, investors and partners for their ongoing support. If you share our passion and vision, and are interested in joining our thriving network, we invite you to join our mission: