Announcements March 2, 2024

Building a Network of KAP Providers with IPI

Building a network of KAP providers with IPI
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This October, we launched a partnership with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI) to support their students and graduates in becoming successful Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy providers. IPI’s training gives therapists and other mental healthcare professionals comprehensive psychedelic-assisted therapy training so they have the training necessary to incorporate KAP and other psychedelic therapies when they become FDA approved in the coming years 

After finishing their KAP training, IPI students become members of Journey Clinical to incorporate KAP in their practice safely and effectively, giving clients in their own communities access to this powerful treatment. Journey Clinical’s turnkey platform gives licensed mental health professionals everything they need to to become a KAP provider and build a KAP practice, including:

  • Access to a KAP-trained medical team (for eligibility, prescriptions and outcomes monitoring)
  • Dedicated HIPAA-compliant member portal
  • Ongoing KAP and psychedelics education (with CE credits)
  • A passionate community of 1,500+ peers around the country for support, peer learning, consultation and mentorship
  • Library of professional resources (marketing, legal, educational)
  • Listing in our member directory for client matching

We asked some of our IPI alumni to share their motivations for joining Journey Clinical, and here’s what we found: 

1. Access to a world-class, KAP-trained medical team 

Delivering KAP is not possible without the partnership of an aligned medical prescriber to take on the medical aspects of this modality, while the therapist stays within their scope of practice and delivers the therapy. It is important that the prescriber be knowledgeable about Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and have enough bandwidth to support the therapist’s clients in a timely fashion throughout their KAP treatment.

By joining Journey Clinical, there’s no need to identify a prescriber. Journey Clinical has a KAP-trained world class medical team to handle all medical aspects of KAP (eligibility, prescriptions, outcome monitoring), so therapists can stay within their scope of practice and focus on the psychotherapy.

For IPI graduates like Karla Brown LMFT who are licensed in multiple states, having access to Journey Clinical’s team of prescribers streamlines your KAP offering across your client base. Karla shared, “For someone who’s licensed in many states, I appreciate having one prescribing team to go to for many of my patients. I have found so much help through communicating with specific prescribers or other people on the Journey team and I feel supported. I know that you will be as well, so take the leap. Join the rest of us clinicians who are supporting people in this very special way.”

2. Support for building their KAP Practice

Following IPI’s training, professionals are well-equipped and eager to start offering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in their practice, but they need support with the practical steps to set this up in their practice. Journey Clinical provides psychotherapists with everything they need to be able to build KAP into their own private practice, including practical resources such as Informed Consent forms. 

“The training that Journey Clinical provided was complementary to what I had learned in IPI. Journey Clinical, gave me those tools for the business elements that I didn’t learn in my master’s program, such as what I need to put on my website or post on my social media” — Meredith Futernick-Gerak, LPC

3. Access to Peer Mentorship & Community 

When faced with the steps to implement KAP into their practice, many of our members benefit from peer support and guidance. Our community of KAP providers support one another through 1:1 mentorship, peer consultation groups, community events, and having conversations on our member forum. 

IPI Graduate Claudia Chika LMSW told us of the value she’s experienced from learning alongside a community of practitioners, “There’s a tremendous amount of support, weekly webinars and seminars and groups that you can connect with. There are so many questions that you have as a new provider that speaking to somebody who’s been doing this is just so helpful. In addition to answering your questions, they will also offer things that you might not even know enough yet to ask, not just that you’re getting a prescriber and a medical intake and clearance for your clients.”

If you’re a licensed mental health professional who has completed a training in psychedelic therapy, we invite you to join Journey Clinical to start delivering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy into your practice: